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ReR – MedToday! is a caritative online project from the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area.

Our endeavour is to improve the quality of health promotion. The important objectives of this undertaking are headed by Remigiusz Eryk Raitza.
Your help will also improve a life. We are grateful for your support and the people’s lives you are about to improve – significantly. Help us raise awareness and inform users!

Always consult your physician for medical advice.

ReR – MedToday!

This charitable project informs about cancers, rare diseases and (emerging) infectious diseases. Feel free to follow us on our social media channels. Thank you for your interest.

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Raitza.de makes every effort to verify the reports that are posted, but the accuracy and completeness of the information, and of any statements or opinions based thereon, are not guaranteed. Raitza.de should not be held responsible for errors or omissions or held liable for any damages incurred as a result of use or reliance upon posted or archived material.

Children’s Cancers

Worldwide, more than 175,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year.

For children and young people with cancer

The diagnosis of cancer in a child or teenager can be a devastating blow to parents and other family members who love the child. Cancer creates an instant crisis in the family. Here we provide information to help parents of children with cancer know what to expect.

Rare Diseases – but numerous patients

In EU countries, any disease affecting fewer than five people in 10 000 is considered rare. That number may seem small, but it translates into approximately 246 000 people throughout the EU’s 27 member countries. Most patients suffer from even rarer diseases affecting one person in 100 000 or more.

It is estimated that today in the EU, 5 000 to 8 000 distinct rare diseases affect six to eight percent of the population – between 27 and 36 million people.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases kill more people worldwide than any other single cause.

Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi; the diseases can be spread, directly or indirectly, from one person to another. Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases of animals that can cause disease when transmitted to humans.

Charity begins at home.

ReR – MedToday! values each and every partner and through our existing partnerships together we have been able to change the lives of dozens of vulnerable people.

If you are passionate about philanthropy and would like to work together, share your story, or get involved please do not hesitate to contact us! Through a partnership with ReR – MedToday! your organisation will be part of a network of existing partners.

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